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ΜΑΖΙ 111 32

Call on 111 32 for psychosocial support services, and queries concerning patients’ rights, as well as issues related to access to health services and medicine


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In the Greek Patients’ Association

Patients and citizens uniting our voices

We share a vision that is encapsulated in the phrase "Health for All". We demand that our voices be heard equally. We propose and support policies based on scientific evidence and implemented through social alliances. We boost the empowered patients, aiming for active participation in decisions that affect their lives.

Advocating about Health for All by

  • Implementing evidence-based policies
  • Equitable and efficient allocation and use of finite resources
  • Involving patients in decision-making processes
  • Emphasising on public health and prevention
  • Designing and implementing a long-term strategy
  • Evaluating policies, services, infrastructure and providers

Action Pillars

Our actions and impact in six axes

Institutional & Equal Role

We aspire to the institutional recognition of the equal part of patients in every process of design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of health policies.

Defending Rights

We serve the fundamental right of every citizen to health and access to quality services that meet their needs.

Documented Proposals

We deliberate and publicly submit our positions and proposals for the necessary reforms in the health sector, based on scientific documentation.

Promoting Cooperation

We create the vital space for the coordination and the strengthening of cooperation between patients’ associations throughout Greece.


We promote health literacy, aiming at developing the ability to access, understand and evaluate medical information.


We work towards informing responsibly and raising public awareness for issues related to individual and public health.


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