November 25, 2023 in News

Constitutional Recognition of Patients’ Involvement in the Decision-Making Process

Greek Patients’ Association warmly welcomes the constitutional recognition of the “voice of patients”, as a historic day for the patient movement in Greece and one of the main pillars since its foundation. This recognition can be found in the Article 60 of the Law 4931/2022, which has passed on Wednesday May 11th 2022, by the Plenary Session of the Greek Parliament, as a proposal of the Minister of Health, Mr. Thanos Plevris.

The Article of the Law “Doctor for all, equal and quality access to the services of National Health Service and Primary Health Care and other emergency provisions”, introduced the constitutional role of patient associations in shaping health policies, while accelerating the transition to a more participatory model of evaluation and improvement of a Health System that treats patients as an equal member.

The state, along with constitutional stakeholders have recently stated on the matter as following: During his meeting with the Greek Patient Association on November 30, 2021, the Prime Minister, Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis stated: “Our aim is to establish the Greek Patients’ Association as an official partner in matters of healthy policies. I have seen the proposals that you have submitted, which I found coaligned towards the direction in which we also want to move. We want you as our partners.”.

The Minister of Health, Mr. Thanos Plevris, during the Greek Patients Association’s event for the European Day of Patients’ Rights, on April 18 2022, stated: “If we want to form a successful National Health System, we must not only see it from the eyes of doctors, pharmaceutical industry of health professionals, but also from the patients’ spectrum, always guided by an anthropocentric approach”.

During the same event, Her Excellency President of the Hellenic Republic, Mrs. Katerina Sakellaropoulou mentioned the “beginning of a fruitful dialogue on patients’ rights and their ability to play an active role in formulating and implementing policies that concern them”. The Archbishop of Athens and Greece, Ieronimos, underlined that “the treatment of all illness reflects the sensitivity and the value of the society”, while the former Minister of Health, Mr. Andreas Xanthos stressed that “it is particularly important during these discussions to have a clear vision of the recipients of health services and not only health professionals, as it was implemented in the past”.

Greek Patients’ Association is committed to further investigate with the leadership of the Ministry of Health but also relevant organizations and key related stakeholders, the opportunities and the obligations arising from its new constitutional role in the representation of patients. We look forward to receiving an invitation from the Minister on the matter, following the Ministerial Decisions that will implement the intention of the State.