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EUPATI Patient Expert Programme =  EUPATI Fellow Programme

In EUPATI Open Classroom context, EUPATI Patient Expert Programme is referred to as EUPATI Fellow Programme. It is important to note that EUPATI Fellow program is in no way connected to any kind of fellowships and/or stipends. 

What is a EUPATI fellow? 

Graduates of the EUPATI Patient Expert Programme (EUPATI Fellow Programme) are also known as EUPATI Fellows or Alumni. The EUPATI Fellow title certifies the knowledge gained and gives graduates the opportunity to be recognised as expert patients. EUPATI Fellow is a widely well-known label within the patient engagement landscape. EUPATI fellows are highly sought-after partners by different stakeholders. As of 2021, more than 200 Fellows have graduated from the programme.

What does the programme enable you to do? 

The Alumni are active in e.g. patient organisations and providing advice to industry, regulators and HTA bodies. Additionally, they can also get engaged in producing and reviewing new training and toolbox content for EUPATI, participating in EUPATI events (webinars, workshops and Patient Expert Training), and even co-delivering EUPATI trainings.

Listen to the following Podcast to learn more!

Podcast EUPATI · EUPATI Fellow testimonial  

How can I become a EUPATI Fellow?

  1. Complete all on-line courses of the Open Classroom platform   
  2. Attend two in-person / live stream training events  

How are the in-person / live stream training events organised and who can attend? 

Learners must complete the first set of courses corresponding to the following topics:

  • Getting Started  
  • Introductions to Medicines R&D  
  • Non-Clinical Development   
  • Clinical Development  
  • After completing these courses, EUPATI will be contacting the learners and inviting them to the first training event.  

To be eligible for the second training event, the learner should complete the remaining courses in the platform corresponding to:   

After the participant has attended this second and last training event, he /she will receive the EUPATI Patient Expert Programme certificate and will become a EUPATI Fellow.   

How can I become a EUPATI Fellow?

Are there any grades?  

Learner’s activity in Open Classroom is not graded but all the required courses must be completed. By completing these we mean taking and successfully passing the assessments after each course (the assessment is an evaluation to test the knowledge gained after finalising the learning materials of the course). You need to reach at least 70% of correct answers to pass the test. events, but active participation is mandatory.  

Is there a specific order for the elements in the Programme?  

The learner can take the courses in their preferred order and pace. Out of the 6 modules (training units), the first 4 will have to be taken before attending the 1st event and the remaining 2 before the 2nd event. Please see an example of a learning pathway below (recommended).  

Learners will receive personalised invitations before each event once the mandatory modules have been completed. 

How about mentoring and networking?  

The EUPATI Secretariat can provide some mentoring support for Learners invested in completing the full Programme, via e.g., webinars and email support. There is also a possibility to start interacting with other Learners via the Open Classroom and form ‘study groups’ (this is optional and only available upon mutual consent to share contact details). 

What is the cost of the training events? 

All training events (in-person and or live streaming) are free for the participants. In case of face-to-face events the participants are asked to cover the transportation and accommodation costs. The events are organised over 4 days, usually in February/March and October/November. The next training events are planned for 2022, most likely in online format/hybrid for the first one and in-person for the second (in Western Europe). Financial support will be made available to a limited number of participants who can prove an economic need or are not able to receive financial support from a patient organisation.   

How much does the full EUPATI Patient Expert Training Programme cost?  

The full cost is estimated to amount up to EUR 208 (incl. VAT). This corresponds to the total cost of all the courses that will constitute the EUPATI Patient Expert Programme, when it is finalised in October 2021. Training events are considered apart of this total cost (for more information please see above). 

Participants are encouraged to contact their patient organizations, their EUPATI national platforms or contact EUPATI writing at [email protected] for information about possible avenues for financial support.  

Why is it important to attend the training events to become a EUPATI Fellow? 

During these events learners engage in practical exercises led by representatives from the multi-stakeholder EUPATI Faculty. Also, the events are a great opportunity for participants to meet with each other, to interact, network and share experiences and learnings within the group.  

For the next EUPATI Fellow Cohort, graduation in 2022:

  • The 1st event will take place on Wednesday March 30, Thursday March 31 and Monday April 4 and Tuesday April 5, 2022 (4 days in total).  It will be in an online format from 10.00 am (CET) until roughly 4.30 pm (CET), including regular breaks.   
  • The 2nd event will take place in Fall 2022 (date to be confirmed at a later stage) and we hope to hold it in Madrid as an in-person training.  Same schedule as 1st event: 4 days from 10.00 am to more or less 4.30pm (CET).  The 2nd event will culminate in the graduation ceremony where the EUPATI Patient Expert Programme certificates are handed out.  

Your registration is required: We ask you to kindly confirm that you are interested in completing the full EUPATI Patient Expert Training Programme and becoming a EUPATI Fellow as part of the next cohort in 2022 by clicking here . Please note that there will be future opportunities to complete the programme in the coming years in case this time frame would not be suitable.
Can I pay the full cost in advance and be enrolled in the full programme? 

This option will be available soon, in the meantime please send us an email to [email protected] for more information.

What our learners say


“I believe that patient engagement will lead to patient empowerment and will remain one of the major driving forces for transformational change in health care including prevention, diagnosis and treatment.”  

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