November 25, 2023 in Health news, News

Greece to fine unvaccinated senior citizens as of Monday

Unvaccinated people over 60 will be slapped with a monthly 100-euro fine as of Monday (the fine for January will be 50 euros) as a way to raise inoculation levels and ease pressure on the country’s healthcare system.

According to government sources, 90 percent of people over 60 have been vaccinated or booked a vaccination appointment. An estimated 300,000 people will face a penalty.

Medical professionals who have not received a shot against Covid-19 have been suspended and face the prospect of being sacked if they fail to comply with vaccination rules.

Some government officials are in favor of expanding mandatory vaccination to people aged 50-59 but no such decision has been made yet.

Greece registered another 95 Covid-related deaths on Sunday. The number of patients on ventilators stood at 680.