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Instructions for the recognition of vaccination outside Greece and the issuance of digital certificates

The instructions and conditions for the recognition of the vaccination that have been carried out by citizens abroad, states the JM that was published yesterday, December 3, in the Government Gazette.

According to the JMC, Greek citizens, citizens of an EU member state. or third-country nationals who have had the two doses of coronavirus vaccine, or in the case of a single-dose vaccine, the only dose, in any country other than Greece, may apply to the K.E.P. to submit an application for scheduling the booster dose to a vaccination center in the country after being previously registered in the Registers of vaccinated abroad against coronavirus COVID-19.

The registration is made if vaccination has taken place, with vaccines recognized by the National Vaccination Committee, in a nursing organization or institution or any other body, which legally vaccines in an EU Member State. or in a third country.

It is noted that the vaccination must have been given with one of the following vaccines, which have been recognized by the National Vaccination Committee:

Pfizer BioNtech
Astra Zeneca / Oxford
Johnson & Johnson / Janssen Ad26
Sinovac / Coronavac
Gamaleya (Sputnik)
Cansino Biologics

Conditions for entry in the Register

In order to be registered in the Register of Vaccinated Abroad, one must meet the following conditions:

Category 1: Digital certificates or vaccination certificates from EU countries (with QR code)

If the vaccination (complete or partial) has been given with vaccines recognized by the National Vaccination Committee

In a nursing organization or institution that carries out legal vaccinations

Then, an application for registration can be made through KEP, by attaching the corresponding certificate or attestation

Category 2: Vaccination certificates or attestations from outside the EU (digital or not)

Certificates or attestations should include the following information:

1. Name

2. Surname

3. Date of birth

4. Targeted disease

5. The type of vaccine carried out abroad

6. The vaccine formulation

7. The marketing authorization holder or the manufacturer of the vaccine

8. The number in a series of vaccinations / doses (whether it is the first or second dose)

9. Date of vaccination

If the data from 1 to 9 are mentioned, the application can be made through KEP, with the attachment of the respective certificate or attestation.