The Patients’ Academy is an extended training programme by the Greek Patients’ Association. The main objective is to create qualified patient experts for participation in health policy committees. However, the overall framework to strengthen health literacy, the sustainability of patients’ associations and the improvement of their quality of life. The programme is customised based on the Greek society’s needs, bringing the best practices and models from similar innovative programmes from abroad, such as the European Patient Education Academy (EUPATI).

Patients’ Academy Pillars

This pillar is implemented in structured multi-month training cycles. The training programme is implemented on a training platform, with an evaluation process at the end of each module. Upon successful completion of the programme, a certification of specialisation is granted. Curriculum 1. Overview of Drug Research and Development 2. Clinical Development 3. Regulatory Affairs 4. Health Technology Assessment (HTA) 5. Medical Devices 6. Digital Health 7. Drug Research and Development Process 8. Pharmacovigilance 9. Intellectual Property and Life Cycle Issues Curriculum