Who we are

Patients and citizens joining our voices!


A voice undivided and powerful.

The Greek Patients Association is the confederation of more than 60 patients’ organizations from all over Greece and across the spectrum of disease. It was founded in May 2019, with the aim of defending the rights of health care recipients, the equal participation of patients in designing and implementing policies concerning them and their contribution to the promotion of public health. Since March 2020, the Association has been a member of the European Patients Forum, the European umbrella organization for national and regional patient confederations.


    We remain fully independent from institutional, political and trade union entities.


    We extend an open and constant appeal to every patient association, in order to raise an undivided and powerful voice.


    We operate under terms of accountability, with transparent and standardized procedures.


    We develop a work that is distinct and complementary to the work of our member associations.

Demanding Health for Everyone

By implementing policies based on scientific documentation

With a fair and efficient distribution and use of the finite existing resources

By involving patients in the decision-making processes

By emphasizing on public health and prevention

By designing and implementing a long-term strategy

By evaluating policies, services, infrastructure and benefits


A democracy deficit in the health sector
Patients and citizens are not equally involved in the process of formulating, implementing and evaluating health policies. The state decides for us, without us.
Lack of a unified patients’ voice
Despite the significant achievements of the various patients’ associations, their public discourse has been fragmented towards the state and focused on individual disease areas.
Smaller associations without support
Many small associations did not have the opportunity to participate in a common platform through which their voice will be heard and empowered.
Diffuse pleas for public health
Any and all awareness-raising activities have been focused on specific diseases and seldom addressed the broader public health issues.


Demanding an equal, decisive role.
We strive to establish a distinct and institutional role for patients in the health sector, with democratic procedures, substantiated proposals and strong social alliances.
Joining in a powerful undivided voice
We unite our voices; we implement internal deliberation procedures with enhanced majorities and we ensure the participation of all the disease categories.
A beacon of knowledge and empowerment
We give priority to the empowerment of patients’ associations, their national and international networking and the development of their representatives’ skills, for effective advocacy.
Prevention and public health front and centre.
We serve health by highlighting the importance of prevention, treatment and health promotion and not merely treatment.


Our actions and impact in six axes

Institutional and Equal Role
We aspire to the institutional recognition of the equal part of patients in every process of design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of health policies.
Defending Rights
We serve the fundamental right of every citizen to health and access to quality services that meet their needs.
Documented Proposals
We deliberate and publicly submit our positions and proposals for the necessary reforms in the health sector, based on scientific documentation.
Promoting Cooperation
We create the vital space for the coordination and the strengthening of cooperation between patients’ associations throughout Greece.
We promote health literacy, aiming at developing the ability to access, understand and evaluate medical information.
We work towards informing responsibly and raising public awareness for issues related to individual and public health.


More than 60 patient associations from a wide range of disease categories


Οι άνθρωποι που βρίσκονται στην πρώτη γραμμή


Each person on entity that wants to support our vision


Sponsorships and donations offered by various companies and institutions are a major source of funding for the Association’s activities. You can see our projects’ supporters here.

If you wish to make a donation to the Association, thus contributing to our sustainability and development, you can make a deposit at our bank account in Piraeus Bank (IBAN : GR29 0172 0760 0050 7609 7721 691), account beneficiary: Greek Patients Association.

Please don’t forget to send us your personal info and the deposit slip by e-mail, in order to send you the receipt.

The annual membership fees are specified in our Articles of Association. However, the main focus of all our initiatives is that the Association has the duty to contribute to the sustainability of its members, by means of implementing support and skill development actions, and not vice versa.

Since its initial steps, the Association has been aiming to take advantage of various funding opportunities deriving from European Union grants and other regional and international resources.